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Kaitlin (Kaity) Dollard MS, OTR/L

Hi! My name is Kaity and I graduated with my BS/MS in occupational therapy from the University at Buffalo in 2010. My first incredible/life enhancing position in occupational therapy was with Special Programs in Occupational Therapy services (SPOTS) in and around New York City.  SPOTS provided me with a strong foundation for my work, ignited my passion for OT and inspired me to never stop learning.  I give much thanks to all the SPOTS family for inspiring me daily with clinical brilliance, creativity and support. I gained experience working, not only in clinic settings, but in a variety of school-based placements including:  pre-schools, charter schools, specialized educational programs and grade level schools. 

My career path then led me home to the Hudson Valley, New York.  I worked at The Center for Discovery (TCFD) which is a world-renowned non-profit for individuals with complex needs. My passion for aquatic intervention blossomed in TCFD's pool during moments of pure joy and achievement with my fellow clinicians and students. I saw first hand the power of providing clinical intervention in natural environments like "The Center's" biodynamic farm. 


Following my time with TCFD, I worked as a skilled clinician for Developmental FX (DFX) which is a transformative non-profit based in Denver, Colorado. Tracy Murnan Stackhouse, MA, OTR/L was a great mentor of mine.  She taught me a great deal regarding working with individuals with complex neurodevelopmental disorders.  I gained much experience and expanded my knowledge base tremendously working under the guidance of Tracy and alongside my fellow DFX all-stars! I became the lead OT at DFX, and this experience enhanced my ability to mentor and teach other clinicians what I had learned and was learning. I also gained a wealth of knowledge regarding working with individuals with Fragile X syndrome through the mentorship and collaborative efforts of Tracy Murnan Stackhouse, MA, OTR/L, Sarah Scharfenaker, MA, CCC-SLP and Ruth Meissner, MA, CCC-SLP. My deep gratitude to the DFX scholar clinicians  cannot be overstated! 

In Colorado, I was fortunate enough to spend time learning from Dr. Leslie (Morrison) Bushog OTR/L who is the owner of Poseidon Therapy LLC.  Leslie is an incredible and dynamic occupational therapist with a diverse aquatic background.  I was inspired by her use of the water and the healing properties which the water provided during her occupational therapy sessions.  Leslie continues to be my mentor regarding aquatic based occupational therapy, and she is my biggest motivator for adding water into my practice today. 


Today I am an independently run corporation, Beyond the Surface Occupational Therapy. I have created my own business in order to deliver services to families in regard to my areas of expertise and passion.  I continue to be most passionate and knowledgeable regarding sensory integration theory and overall neurodevelopment. I have experience with many modalities related to pediatric occupational therapy treatment and would be happy to provide more details regarding work history and experience upon request.

Thank you for reading more about me. I look forward to hearing more about you soon! 

-Kaity Dollard MS, OTR/L 

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